We offer a variety of web development and system administration consulting services. We have experience managing a fleet of NixOS servers using NixOps, running a series of custom services built on various frameworks and languages, including Sails, Go, and Clojure. If you are interested in talking to us about a potential project, please send us an email at sales@conduitim.pl.


Conduit Implementations Website

This website is built with Gatsby (a static site generator built on React and GraphQL), which allows us to add neat dynamic and interactive pages in the future while still using a static web host (specifically Netlify).

Hodge Podge Hosting

Hodge Podge Hosting is a server hosting product oriented towards hobbyists. From the Hodge Podge Hosting website:

Hodge Podge uses hardware that perfectly fits your project - gear (typically used, off-lease gear) that is usually relegated to hobbyists - to provide the afforable infrastructure it needs.

It operates out of a leased cabinet in the Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 datacenter, with hardware that is either fully owned by Conduit Implementations, or sent in by customers for colocation. The software is built on the stack mentioned above (Sails/Go/Clojure/etc. on NixOS).

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